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March 25, 2016

1. Shrimp Tacos: I did tried before and were so kinda easy to make. For my recipe I used hummus instead of cream, a lot of lemon, avocado and purple onion, plus cilantro… Was sooo tasty! Ah, and almost forgot to tell that obviously I added habanero salsa mmmmm… And imagine drinking with a cold glass of beer!

Shrimp Tacos
Shrimp Tacos – Tacos de camarón

2. Fresh Salad: Personally I’m a huge fan of salads and I love to create new mixes… Is the best thing, to eat on a summer day, and a salad can be a full meal (for example if you add protein as quinoa or kale).

Which are your fav salad ingredients? 🙂

Fresh Salad
Ensalada fresca

3. Salmon burger: When I was in Finland I tried for the very first time the salmon smoked burgers and definitely felt in love with the taste. And Now I want to try my own version, it’s a shame that the selection of smoked salmon in the supermarkets are very poor (and btw if you know a place where I can find smoked salmon in mexico city, let me know it) but I’ll handle it, so stay update for a new recipe in the blog 🙂

Salmon burger
Salmon burger – Hamburguesa de salmón

4. watermelon salad: Again, another easy breezy salad, this time all about small pieces of watermelon plus fetta cheese with a nice touch of mint leaves! Definitely need to try this!

watermelon salad
Ensalada de sandía

5. And last but not least: Berry bowl for breakfast! I wish I could have more time to wake up at 5 am and make myself a nice bowl full of goodies… Which is your fav bowl combo?

Berry bowl for breakfast
Berry bowl for breakfast

Have you ever tried any recipe from above? Wanna try some?

pls share your fav recipes, 🙂

peace out folkies!

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