Today’s sunset

November 15, 2015

Atardecer en Cuautla, Morelos.
Atardecer en Cuautla, Morelos. Sunset in Cuautla.


Today’s sunset was gorgeous as you can tell… We went to shop few things before I leave the city and well I went crazy and started to scream to dad, “Stop it, stop it!” Hahaha we parked and immediately I went outside, I put out my handy and started to shot! I took probably 10 pictures from the sunset, I always do! And at the end I can’t decide which is the best bc all are always similar haha!

I remember when I began to being an instagram photo freak I was kinda shame to take pictures of everything… (because nobody touches the food until I take a picture) but now it’s like “Ain’t no shame in my game” so I don’t give a f*ck and always take my time to shot anything and anywhere I want, and well I guess that’s the key to get beautiful pictures, don’t you think??!!!

Hope you had a beautiful weekend as I did, talk to you soon.

Peace out!

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