Take me back,

December 3, 2014

Lake in Finland Reading in Finland Fish food in Finland Mummin soda in Finland

1. I do miss my reading time, I mean I have been reading too much but all about medschool stuffs, but I would like to read another kind of things, not everything is all about medicine… I can’t wait for holidays to lay in the couch or even in any the beach and have my own time to enjoy a peaceful reading. 2. Sea food, naaaamm! 3. Oh god! homemade blueberry pie, was mega yuuumi. Can I have a little bit more? 4. Muumin lemonade… so fresh, so good!

Blueberry pie in Finland

Oh! please take me back to the island where the sun shines and the day gets longer…take me back to summer!


☊ The Corrs – So young


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