March 8, 2015

I kinda have the feeling now and then I am missing rainy days… Spring is just around the corner and the Jacarandas trees are blooming, but it is so damn hot in here, wich makes me worry about how hot it will be the weather in April or May…  anyways, people will think that nooo, it’s ok withouth the rain because the city is a chaos during rainy season (and well I am agree) but who doesn’t love a rainy road trip while listening your fav music, or just walking to grab your fav coffee and watch the rain falls down, or having a fresh walk when rain is over? Or hey I almost forgot, who does’t love the wet ground?

Well, I can’t do nothing but wait for the rain, in the meantime what about an ice cream to calm down the hot weather!? 🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂

Roadtrip Morelos

Hard to say no – Chromeo

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