Onsdag lunch,

May 27, 2015

Hi there!
I’m incredible happy today because I got my final notes and thank god, my study and great vibes from my significant others I can say it’s over, I’m on holidays 🙂 yeeei, I must admit I was kinda stressful but at the end everything went pretty OK! 😀

So I didn’t know what to do but jumping of joy, then I was little bit hungry so I grab my things and decided to have lunch… Where?  Le Pain Au Quotidien, I just love this place… they have really yumi meals for breakfast like Waffles with berries, Ah! but this time I decided to go for a light César Kale salad with mint-orange drink to keep it fresh! 🙂

Pain Au Quotidien
Pain Au Quotidien
Pain Au Quotidien
Pain Au Quotidien
Pain Au Quotidien
Pain Au Quotidien

Breakfast/Lunchs are my favorite meals of the day, and Pain Au Quotidien is always a good idea to have them.

Oh, I wish I could find more cool spots for lunch near my home, please share your favorite lunch places, I’m always happy to try new restaurants ! 🙂 Well, now is time to rest after a whole year of study… probably I will watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, drink a berrie smothie and laying in bed, my perfect ONSDAG (tuesday in swedish) PLAN 🙂

Ah, btw have you ever listen
“I don’t like it, I love it” – Florida”    pff! what a catchy song, don’t you think?

Have a lovely rainy afternoon,

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