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March 1, 2015

Sale season is here and I don’t want to lose my mind buying things I don’t need yet I will not wear. So better to analyze before what I need for my wardrobe… nothing but basics!

Outfit wishlist
Outfit wishlist

1. A blue/white shirt is a must! You can wear it whether with a pair of jeans, a blazer and stilettos for a ladies night or with a pair of converse to give a casual look!

2. A black blazer is like the little black dress, you’ll never get tired of it and it will safe you any occasion!  

3. Jeans! Well no need to explain why! It’s so obvious… 

4.- A black handbag never fail!  and guess what? That kind of bag is “the season bag”.

5.- Black ankle boots ! 

Outfit wishlist
Outfit wishlist

6. Since I’m a medstudent, I will always need a white pair of sneakers but besides that, they can go perfect with any outfit, for example with a midi skirt (which is a trend right now) or with some skinny jeans it could perfectly match.

7. A knit sweater, perfect for those days which are not that cold neither warm…

8. I already explain why a midi skirt but mostly because imagine how comfy it could be.

9. A black hat, to give a chic look to your outfit.


So this is my whish list, what about yours? You can shop the items here ♡
Happy Shopping, Folks!

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