My favorite spot

July 29, 2015

Snapshots from last weekend when I was blogging at my favourite house spot: The terrace! I love this place because of the whiteness and minimalism style (you know, scandinavian influences) And moreover because of the big windows and the pretty views You get from there! Such a quite place but kinda hot during daytime…

MacBook pro
Favorite spot

MacBook seems to fit very well with the background, just saying haha 😉

Favorite spot
MacBook pro

Those red roses are from our garden and the vase is an old souvenir from a  15 y/o party, (it used to have something inside but dunno remember what) anyways we recycle it and now works perfect as a nice vase 😉

How to be Parisian wherever you are
Favourite spot

Okay, I declare myself a huge fan of buying books (and small notebooks as well!) in amazon either bookshops in the airports. Let me justify myself; Since I’m a mexican and obviously I live in Mexico I know that it’s kinda difficult to find really interesting topics in English in the Bookshops (and the truth is that most of the time the greatest titles are in english). Let’s admitted, the selection is very poor, so that’s the reason I spend a lot of time looking for new books, in amazon and specially when I travel outside of Mexico I like to waste the time in the bookshops of the airports… Don’t you feel the same? And it is always a good idea to bring a book in your bag, you’ll never know when you will get bored, right?
OK! gotta go. Next tuesday I’m gonna have an exam about clinical history and examination of the patient…. So I’ll keep studying. Wish me Luck and success 😛

thank you reading,

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