Memories 4×4

September 16, 2014

Here some random snapshots 4×4
from my iPhone 🙂

Finnish guy
This is probably one of my fav shots of him, well I have more but this is a great one!! Man, that night was specially cold!
Korppo was mega nice, we were in an island just chillig out, having some nice sauna nights, little bit of swimming and of course having fresh and nami sea food…
Blueberry pie
as I said, Korppo was mega nice, the blueberry pie was insane, totally nami… #bestwaytospendsummer
Waiting for another flight in Frankfurt FraPort
I’m starting getting use to lost airplanes flights, once in paris and now in Frankfurt, What can you do if you are in this situations? You must enjoy it and find a bookshop!
Seriously! 🙂 it wasn’t that bad after all !!


Helsinki at night
One of my fav nights in Helsinki was when we were biking, oh man, it felt super peaceful just biking and enjoying. It was so quite, no that hot but not that cold. You can guess by the picture how beautiful HKI looks like during the night time !!

I still have a looot of pictures I would like to show (hoperfully before mbfw-mx) right now I’m having so much studythings to do, but as soon as I can I’ll continue posting 🙂

☊ Meillä on aikaa – Juha Tapio

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