Lucky Wednesday!

August 19, 2015

Today was a good day, mostly because I had the chance to enter to a new course that medschool is giving’ to their students, is all about medical administration (what I would like to do for the next years after I finish the career!). The luckiest thing is that, there was only one place left in the course… So, guess who you think was the last to register for the course? hahaha ME 😀

ice cream lover – Mexican style

Besides that, today I went to the shopping mall because last week I saw the perfect ankle boots for the fall-winter season, so finally today I bought them hehehe 🙂 (They aree so comfy and adorable!) I’m so into fall, I can’t wait to wear neutral tones (white, black, gray, dark brown, repeat), my favourite black skirts and jeans, knits, hats, trench coats and ofc the newest ankle boots 😀 Hopefully the weather starts to get chilly towear my fall-winter pieces!! 😀
Ah, btw, Today while I was shopping, I heard a nice song that the store had… maybe you should give a try!?
Filous – How Hard I Try feat. James Hersey     

Let’s talk about fall essentials in the next post, ok?
see you soon 🙂

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