October 17, 2015

One of my beloved cousin is about to get married next year, so as a maid of honour I went with her to take a first look of all that kind of stuffs a bride need to check, you know, the dress, the music, the location and the list go on… It was a nice experience and of course I got excited as well, specially when I saw the location below…

Love expo novias
Love expo novias, bodas, wedding, cdmx

Ain’t just perfect? I mean, the table, the big love letters, the green wall, it looks like a pinterest picture, don’t you think?? oh my gosh I want to get married hahaha well, not really but as I said I just got little excited!! Hopefully soon I will meet the rest of the maids (my other cousins) in December bc I can’t wait to share this wedding plans with them, it’s gonna be awesome and fun!!

Love expo novias
Love expo novias, bodas, wedding, cdmx

So, what do you think about the pictures above?
Greetings from windy but sunny Mexico 🙂

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