Holiday season

June 1, 2015

In the latest post I said I’ve got the “perfect summer song” and probably you already listened it on the radio.
(If not, click HERE)  I think that song gives me that “summery mood” I need before my holiday season come to an end. #medstudentlife. So, to keep going with those vibes I introduce to you my three favourites Swimsuits  from OYSHO, take a look! 🙂

Option 1. I love this one because is so colorful, mostly because blue (which is my favourite color) is the main one, and well summer is a synonym of fun, right? so I think the swimsuits match perfectly with the season… and hey, what about the zipper detail in the front? a sexy touch…

Option 2. OK! What about this blue-white swim suit?! The back details are totally pretty and gives you the perfect chance to show that sexy back 😉 anyways if you are looking for a classy yet chic piece, this is the one…

Option 3. If you enjoy to do “extrem sports” like surfing, this is your best option!

So, which is your favorite one? 1, 2 or 3 ? Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration, if you are interested of any above, you can click on: 🙂

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