Going back home,

December 19, 2015

Sad to say but I’m back Mexico! I mean is nice to see my beloved ones but man! Deutschland was my very first love!!

Lufthansa - Star Alliance
Lufthansa – Star Alliance. FRAPORT, Frankfurt, AM

I’m so thankful for what I lived, the experiences and the great memories I got, the opportunity to explore new countries and moreover the time I spend with fav my friend 😉

Nothing is forever, so we already know this will come to a temporary end but ends/goodbyes are good, it means there’s new beginnings ahead us, and I’m pretty sure we will come back again at some point!! 🙂

Meal in Lufthansa
Meal in Lufthansa
Meal in Lufthansa
Lufthansa food

Btw, who says airplane food was bad??!! Hahaha no way josé 😉

Flying with Lufthansa
Flying with Lufthansa back to Mexico city, DF

Wir sehen uns bald Deutschland!!

Vielen Dank M.

ps. I still have a lot of pictures to show! 🙂 stay tuned!

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