Da Cityy!

June 3, 2016

I live in the south side of Mexico City so I don’t stroll that much in the city center but yesterday I decided to have some beers with a friend I haven’t seen him since almost 7 years. It was a fun afternoon, we went to a “bar” where they only serve craft beers (don’t remember the name of the bar; but it’s near to Regina); and I drank two Minervas (from GDL) and actually I was surprised bc they tasted pretty ok and light!

The weather was pretty nice, didn’t rain that much as I was expected (cause man! Days before was raining cats and dogs) and the city looked so gorgeous as you can tell!

Then, we moved to another bar that I wanted to try that calls “Pata Negra” specially bc I am a hug fan of the branch in Condensa.

The bar was ok, prices were acceptable and music sounds pretty late 90’s or early 00’s 😉 So if you’re around give a try!

Ciudad de México
Ciudad de México, Mexico city. Formerly known as DF


I didn’t remember how cool was having a nice evening fresh stroll in da city; man! Those streets are gorgeous. Maybe I should hang around more there. In the meantime I will lay in bed all day until night comes, cause guess what? Tonight it’s 80’s 90’s party!! Yei; happy me!

Peace out Folks! 🙂

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