1st December 

On 1st December we decided to go to the Christmas tree forest which is located near Amecameca, kinda 1 hr far away from our city Cuautla.  Firstable just before the forest we made a quick stop in the side road restaurant of an friendly couple (don’t remember their names) to have breakfast. We ate some quesadillas and mushroom soups and drank some chapurrados cups!  Definitely soooo yumi… After that we drove again like half kilometre and enter to the forest!


We spent like almost an hour looking for the perfect tree, it was kind of exhausting since almost all the trees were dry inside… I was kinda disappointed (this season surely wasn’t the best one, some locals told us the main reason of the tree dryness was the warm weather) but we didn’t gave up soooo after all we found the one… All green followed by the perfect triangle Xmas silhouette!!















We got super excited, okay I was the most excited one haha because I’m a huge fan of xmas stuffs!

So, who else also went to pick their xmas tree? Where do you normally go to pick your xmas tree? Are you into this season orare you that grinch type of person?

Happy holidays Folks!

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