8 hours in Puebla

Last Saturday (I think) we decided to bring our french friends (we miss you guys!) to Puebla since they hadn’t been there and moreover cause is really near from Cuautla, also my very good friend Sidney joined us! 🙂
We started our journey at 12 pm, the road was extremely beautiful, those simpson clouds followed by a nice blue sky with such an amazing mountains and volcanos, really stunning! you can take a look of the prototype of landscape in the picture below.

We arrived more or less at 13:20, god! it’s quite incredible that also in Puebla was a lot of traffic, besides that the city center looked incredible nice as always. Almost right away we decided to go to our favorite restaurant in the city called “El mural de los Poblanos”, it’s such a nice restaurant with great food, beverage and decoration. Be aware, in case you decided to go, that there’s a waiting list of 20 min more or less… the good thing about the waiting game (and not all the new guests knows) is that you can take a look to the bathtub they have in their entrance and choose a beverage that’s inside, such as beer, mezcal, mandarine water… such a great deal.


As I said before, the food always taste good! Mom asked for wine and sparkling water, and some other for rose wine… I’m always like my mom go for the red wine, in this case was a Malbec from Casa Madero, a Mexican wine which is export to Sweden (how cool is that?!)
















I have this saying that if you’re in Puebla you must eat mole and that’s what we go for it… “Mancha-manteles” and literally we drop some in the tablecloth, upsi!!




We ended up our meals with such a funny talks and selfies ofc!

After that it was almost 17 hrs so we decided to hang out all together by walking around the city center… took some pictures (because you all know I’m a huge insta girl), walk into the candies street, bought some and finally we went back to our parking place.


Definitely it was such a lovely day…
So in case you want to escape from Mexico City or whatever, think about Puebla 🙂


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