It’s me!

January 22, 2016

It's me!
It is me! Ick bin’s.

Friyay! I think is really necessary a quick update since it has been a long time without posting.

I started the second part third year of medical school in a Hospital from the IMSS which is really near from my house (like 15 min by car) and that’s one of coolest things because it’s perfect to be near my house and to the university, and well, the hospital is quite nice, the doctors are very good and supportive, food hospital has good taste and the classmates seems to be nice as well, so no big worries at the moment but study as every single day…

And well I thinking that’s all hahaha no big social life bc I need to study a lot!!!

Ah yes, monday I’ll have an exam so better go to study!!

Peace out and hopefully next time I have more interesting things to tell đŸ˜›

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