1st September

September 1, 2015

Hallo! September is a happy month for me at least because of the festivities We celebrate here in my country (Independence Day) and moreover because I’m in the middle of my summer-winter semester that I want it’s over because c’mon who doesn’t love holidays??!

Soo much things to do the next few months, like finish the semester, fashion week in October (Can’t wait! I alreay bought like 3 dresses and a pair of ankle boots for the season, ah!) and maybe a little escape?! 😉

I think the main reason I’m happy September is here, because it means the weather is going to calm down and step by step we will have that crispy weather I love!

In the meantime, before everything I will/need to finish my medschool semester and we’ll see but definitely can’t wait for …. It’s a secret 😉

My beautiful medschool ❤️
My beautiful medschool ❤️
What happened in the last month...
What happened in the last month…
What happened last month!
What happened last month!

Talk you later,


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